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Helping investors discover climate change mitigating investments


4 months
Sep - Dec 2021


UX Designers


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The Problem

Citi Ventures, an innovation lab at Citi, was introducing a new product offering to their City Builder platform. City Builder is a free online resource to discover regional projects to invest in the United States. The platform was introducing climate change mitigating opportunities and our challenge was to propose an innovative product strategy.

Role and Responsibilities
In the team of four designers, I led user interviews, communicating research and solution to stakeholders, and business modelling. We collaborated with our sponsors who were senior designers at Citi Venture, and advisors Roger Mader and Chriswell Chappel who advised with design processes.

We used the 4D design method as the main designing strategy and used ten types of innovation method to design a winning product strategy.
Proposed Solution
1. Browse and Compare Opportunities

Investors found it difficult to find the right opportunities and compare their information. We designed a location based browsing platform on which they could also compare different opportunities side-by-side.

2. Focus on Communication

Investors wanted to connect with the people managing the investments and found that it is always difficult to reach out to them. We designed a communication channel which allowed investors to communicate directly with the people responsible for the project.

3. Portfolio Management Simulation

Investors were unsure about the historical performance of the investment opportunities at the platform. To help them practice before committing, we proposed a simulated portfolio management tool that allowing investors to interact more with the platform.

Key Challenges

1. Designing for Innovation

To identify the right opportunities, we used the 10 Types of Innovation model by Doblin Design Group to identify key areas where our user needs needed to be met. We tested these opportunities with our users through user testing and card sorting workshops.

2. Sharing a Compelling Story with Stakeholders

To communicate our concept to our stakeholders, I led the design of a 2 minute product video to communicate our research findings through storytelling. This helped our stakeholders to empathize with our users' experiences in the most convincing and time-effective way possible.

The Impact

1. New User Base

Identified a multi-billion dollar user base called the Impact Investor and aligned design principle to satisfy their needs first

2. Solving Discovery

Allowing users to discover climate change mitigation opportunities in a trustworthy and interactive way

3. Enhancing Engagement

Through designing a portfolio management tool, we assisted the users to engage with the platform in an engaging manner

Key Learnings

Developing a Proven Design Thinking Process

Having a good design process is crucial in user experience (UX) design. It helps designers understand user needs, identify design opportunities, and reduce errors and costs. A good design process also increases user satisfaction and boosts business outcomes by creating user-centered, intuitive, and visually appealing designs.

Engaging Stakeholders Through User's Stories

Storytelling in UX design is crucial to engage users emotionally and communicate the product's value. It can provide context to the user experience and build empathy between designers and users. A good story can capture the user's attention, increase their engagement with the product, and create a more user-centered design.

Behind the Scenes

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