Throughout my work and learning journey, I have cultivated a keen interest in accessible design, logistics, and financial services. But more importantly, I am driven by a profound commitment to bringing joy and a seamless experiences to users. My ultimate goal is to create interactions that advance inclusive design.

Having lived in 10 different countries, I bring a diverse cultural background that enriches my perspectives and fuels my creativity. This global exposure has instilled in me a deep appreciation for understanding users from many walks of life, making me adept at crafting solutions that resonate with diverse communities.

I have a Bachelors in Business Administration from IBA, Karachi, Post-Grad in Visual Communication Design from the University of the Arts, London, and an MFA in Interaction Design from SVA, NY. Beyond design, you'll find me playing PS5, Tennis, or Football (soccer), hiking the Eastern region, or taking pictures. Nice to meet you!

Core Values
Every design decision I make, I make sure the person interacting with the proposed environment is involved in the design process from the start
Along with users, I consider my team and organisation as my partners whose input is critical for a well-rounded approach to problem solving
I stay open to change and adaptable in my design approach as new information or changing circumstances can have massive impact
Whether it's climate change, sustainability, or inclusive design, answers are not always going to be immediate but I'm persistent