About Syed - A Journey From Numbers to People

Syed is a human-centered designer dedicated to creating joyful and seamless experiences that promote inclusivity amongst marginalised communities.

With a rich cultural background and global exposure, Syed excels in understanding and resonating with users from diverse communities. Syed's professional career spans a decade of excellence in product design, marketing and advertising, and financial services.

Holding a Bachelor's in Business Administration, a Post-Graduate degree in Visual Communication Design, and an MFA in Interaction Design, Syed combines a strong theoretical foundation with real-world.

Outside of work, you can find Syed enjoying video games, playing sports, hiking, or capturing moments through photography.

Get to know and advocate for the people we're solving.
Collaborate early, frequently and with diverse teams.
Change is always happening, I learn and adapt for success.
Adversity exists in every challenge, I face it with joy.